Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

This all depends upon which subscription plan you choose. Subscriptions are automatically billed on the first of the month every 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. The choice is yours
*Remember : The longer your subscription period the more money you save. 12 month memberships will also include a very special gift valued at $50 ! 

Why does it say sold out?

Sometimes subscriptions are sold out. It is difficult to predict exactly how many boxes will be sold per month so locking in your subscription early is important. Some items take a longer delivery period and while I try to always have enough on hand for anyone that would like a box there are times when I do run out. Once the planned boxes are spoken for I can't get items before the next shipment. The "sold out" will be shown when they are gone and the subscription process will be put on hold.  If you are a current subscriber: no worries! I always have "enough" for those that are already subscribed to the plan for the entire length of their subscription. And if you subscribe when you see the "sold out" on the page you will lock in your subscription for the following month(s).  

When will I receive my box?

Your box will be billed for on the first of the month and you will receive it about mid-month. Some areas take longer to receive deliveries than others but most times subscriptions are in your hands by the 20th of the month so long as payment is received by the 10th.

What if I want to cancel my subscription or put it on hold for a period of time?

No problem. You have complete control over your subscription. All you have to do is log in and make the changes that you want to make. If you have any questions, or need some help, just send me a quick email. 

What if I don't like something in my box? Can I return or exchange it?

I am sorry but due to the nature of this business I am unable to process exchanges or refunds. However, if you receive a broken or damaged item, please send an email with a photo of the damaged item so that I can replace that item for you.The items that you receive will make excellent gifts so please consider giving the items you are not in love with to someone who can use a pick me up or donate to a local charity fundraiser. Either option is a winner for both you and the recipient. 

Got more questions?

Shoot me an email!