Need more sparkle in your life?!

I am a dreamer, a doer, a volunteer, a jewelry designer, horse whisperer, gardener, and tea lover that lives to create unique and one of a kind handmade bits of shimmer and shine inspired by nature, Spirit and the mystical and magical.

I  adore the mission of finding amazing morsels and novelties, quotes, creations, baubles and bits to share with my nearest and dearest. In doing so, I have become quite adept in finding little treasures that can inspire, indulge, pamper, relax and bring my sisterhood a little bit of happiness, in, what can be, a very trying world.

It is my belief that women should build one another up, inspire each other and assist one another in becoming the very best version of themselves. Women are such incredible beings of love mixed with genius, intelligence, grace and courage. It brings me such joy to be invited into the lives of each and everyone of you amazing beings of energy and light! I am truly blessed to be on this journey with you, my soul sisters, my heart and my reason to sparkle! 

So what's in the box?

Several wonderful items that I know will delight you with a value of at least $70, but often much more.  There will always be something to sparkle and delight you handmade by DHD. This item is exclusively for members of our very own sisterhood.There will be other wonderful indulgences as well:

  • remarkable accessories & jewelry items   
  • indulgent chocolates/snacks**   
  • delish **teas/ coffees & accessories   
  • pretty colored pencils/pens/markers
  • delightful gemstones & crystals infused with Reiki energy   
  • incredible mindfulness tools like mini journals/coloring pages   
  • gorgeous scarves/wraps   
  • spellbinding music   
  • beautiful candles/holders
  • zen incense, burners and censors   
  • luxurious beauty products/soaps/lotions
  • handy key fobs   
  • divine aromatherapy oils   

Anything goes when it comes to what I may come across in my travels, and if I love it, and think you will too, I will include it in this little box of treasures. I want you to relax, pamper yourself and indulge a little! Remember: If you do not take care of yourself you are not capable of taking care of anyone or anything else!  

**There will always be TEA. I adore tea and want others to indulge and share in that delight. There will also be a small treat. Something yummy! Something that you might enjoy either with or without that tea!