The Dancing Happy Dragonfly Subscription Box Service

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The Dancing Happy Dragonfly


A subscription box that is MORE than just a box...

I have always wanted to create things that are shiny and make people happy, with the emphasis on happy. I have been a "fixer" for as long as I can remember and that means I want to put a bandage on all the boo boo's and bring inspiration and joy to everyone I meet.

The same holds true for this subscription box that I am now offering to you. I want you to find joy in small things and this box of happy little sparkles and treats will come to you to do that each and every month. Just imagine awaiting the day of arrival with anticipation: you will be smiling every single time you think of opening that box because you know it will be something picked out with care and meant to bring you joy. You know it will contain something that will delight and surprise you, each and every time.

Perhaps, the best part of the subscription plan is that a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to food pantries, medical needs of 3rd world countries, and other non-profit agencies that I have a relationship with at this time. This donation will be sent to the recipients and your box will contain a note telling you exactly where and who that donation helped. You can help me fix all those boo boo's, one subscription and one month at a time.

Subscriptions from $24.95